SUNROCK STONEWOOL Slabs also known as RB SLABS is made out of molten rocks spun fibers and bonded with thermosetting binder forming rigid slabs; it has good thermal and acoustical insulating properties.
SUNROCK STONE WOOL Slabs are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces. They are efficiently used in under deck insulation, Air conditioning duct insulation, Sound proofing of Auditoriums, Conference halls, Stadiums, Airports, Furnaces, Ovens, Cable ducts, Tanks, Autoclaves and Chimneys, DG sets, Solar panels etc.
SUNROCK STONEWOOL Slabs can withstand temperature up to 750°C which makes it best suited for various high temperature application requirements and are also water repellent so it helps it to maintain its insulating value in wet conditions.
Along with superior thermal properties SUNROCK STONEWOOL Slabs are also used for Acoustic insulation applications with Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 1.0 according to IS 8225:87.
SUNROCK RB Slabs are incombustible in nature which makes them fire resistant and can provide solutions for several fire proof applications with minimum flame spread index and smoke development index.


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